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ALDI in Omaha, NE Closed now

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17240 Evans Street, Omaha, NE 68116
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+1 855-955-2534


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09:00 am — 08:00 pm
09:00 am — 08:00 pm
09:00 am — 08:00 pm
09:00 am — 08:00 pm
09:00 am — 08:00 pm
09:00 am — 08:00 pm
09:00 am — 08:00 pm
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Reviews about ALDI

  • February 20, 2018, by Eli Boggs
    **For anyone that's never been to ALDI, they temporarily charge you a quarter for a cart so as to discourage people leaving their carts in the lot, when you bring the cart back, you get your quarter back. Also, there are no grocery bags at ALDI, you either bring your own bags, or you use a box from the shelves to put your groceries in. So when you go to ALDI, you need to prepare, but I'd say the price difference is worth a quarter and buying re-usable bags.** Anyone who knows what Aldi is, know that they are a great place to shop for low cost basic grocery supplies. Eggs, milk, bread, cereal, etc... But this Aldi also has some nice extras. For example, they have regular and garlic naan, a good wine/beer selection, and even a cheese section. Obviously your choices are going to be fewer than at a larger shop where you have more choices. But you will find 95% of what you need at an ALDI. Love this place!
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